I don’t even want to write the date because it’s embarassing….sigh

I almost gave up on this blog…but I didn’t want to prove myself wrong again.

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day, it was a holiday in Korea so I didn’t have to go into work (my morning job at least). It was a good morning, sent in my script for the early afternoon recording. Then I met up with my friend to grab some lunch and coffee. I had to drag my laptop around because my good for nothing senior writer did not send in the script yet. I hate having unfinished work lingering in my mind~!!


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Club hatred

i hate clubbing, I don’t get it! the music is awful…it feels like i’m getting shot at by lasers and trucks, with all the sounds and lights. You can’t  hear anything and I always get lost…it never fails i always feel like i’m looking for something at the club..I don’t know what…but i feel like i’m always just searching for something…

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Damn I almost repeated history with this blog…

It’s hard to take time out of the day to write, but I am trying my best now in my late age, to live life a little differently.  Not to make excuses or toot my own horn but I’ve been really busy, working and just living. I decided to just write, fuck trying to come up with clever shit.

I had a good day yesterday, it was a holiday, so I didn’t have to go into work in the morning.

I got to sleep in a little bit, went to work out and did some work from home.

The only thing I really missed was my office chair and desk, which are a lot more comfortable than my coffee table and couch.

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It’s been a busy week so my brain hasn’t really had the time to just be, and frankly when i space out, i’m a fucking genius.  I do my best thinking in the shower, a lot of people think I take too long in the shower, but it’s because I’m trying to think, and not because I’m masturbating.



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The worst thing about some dumb people is that they are so incredibly stupid, that they actually, truly believe that they are smarter than everyone else…

Sometimes at the office, I stand in front of the printer waiting for something to come out and I realize I was just scanning something…just happened.

Dude I’m freakin’ old…I don’t know wtf half of the emoticons mean!
if you’re not using =) or =P or B) 
I have no idea what you’re trying to say….

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Could you BE, more passive aggressive??


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I hate to admit it, but I skipped out on going to the gym just so I can watch the season finale of the Walking Dead, and the season premier of Game of Thrones…even though I downloaded them.  Now i’m stuck judging myself in the face all day…

Holy Fuck! So I ran into my weird ass coworker in the hallway and as soon as he saw me, he started geeking and waddling like a pervy little Keebler Elf (kinda like when your dog greets you, he and it gets a little extra pep in its step, except this was fucking gross) …wtf is wrong with this kid? He is so fucking creepy~~oh btw, he even orders milk at Quizno’s…wtf?!


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